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“Thank you Rapid Phone Center – you guys make Customer Service seem easy. We went from 65% positive feedback to over 90% in a matter of 30 days. Our customers love your center.”

About Our Company

Here at Rapid Phone Center we know there are few things more important than great customer service.

We know that it takes a dozen great experiences to make up for just one poor one, and that customers are more likely to broadcast bad experiences than good ones.

That's why it is our mission to ensure every single customer is satisfied and valued. Our professional and efficient staff answer calls quickly and resolve any issue with the utmost care for the customer, while keeping your business and reputation in mind.

With our multilingual (English, Spanish, Polish, French, German, Swedish, Norwegian) staff, you can rest assured your customers are in experienced, compassionate, and professional hands.

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Rapid Phone Center Services:

Rapid Phone Center is proud to offer exceptional services for any business looking for remarkable customer experiences.

24/7 Availability

Whenever your customer needs to speak with a real person, we'll take care of them any time of day.

Fast Response Time

We'll never keep your customers on hold. We have the numbers and experience to handle over 15,000 calls every day.


Your customers will never feel like they are not valued. We make sure all callers are fully and completely satisfied with their experience.


We know every company is different. Our #1 priority is making sure you're represented in accordance to your corporate standards and practices.

call center representative call center representative

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